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* Mandatory fields This website does not constitute financial advice. The negative divergences in the technical indicators seem to have stalled the bull rally for the present.

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New entrants should control the urge to jump in, and concentrate on researching good stocks till the correction plays out. It closed the week at 1276 – 7 points lower on a weekly basis.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brand – All Rights Reserved Please call 076761-76761 to avail our Services. Some jiggery-pokery is going on with onion distribution. Balanced funds, typically, have around 30-35 per cent of their assets in fixed income, with the rest in equity.

FSA ESG Forum 2018

The RBI has chosen the middle path of a gradual increase in interest rates. LinkedIn has produced a guide to the most overused words on CVs and recommends job hunters avoid them. The Fidelity spokeswoman said the firm aims to launch its first onshore product within six months, but did not elaborate on the kind of products because it is evaluating a number of options. That said, if you have enough cash and wish to capitalise on every single fluctuation, then using daily SIPs for short spurts, say for 3-6 months, during volatile markets can be one strategy.

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We would be happy to get your feedback, suggestions. Infosys The Infosys stock is also in a strong bull market, touching higher tops and bottoms for the past 12 months. However, it is not easy for a home-grown asset management firm to develop global brand awareness, said Rhee. €œThe regulatory framework in global markets, especially in Asia, is vastly fragmented,” Rhee told FSA. €œWhat works in one country may not be applicable to another.

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The technical indicators are not holding out much hope of a pullback rally. However, a drop below the Jan 20 ‘11 low of 5867 will form a bearish pattern of lower tops and lower bottoms.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Places are complimentary for key fund selectors but strictly limited to only 60 delegates. Promoter holding is 45% and FII holding is almost 23%. This is a good mid-cap stock for long-term portfolios.€™ How has the chart pattern played out over the past year? Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated by adding all of the assets of a Fund, subtracting the Fund’s liabilities, then dividing by the number of outstanding shares. Raising interest costs too much at one go will increase borrowing costs and hurt the growth prospects of companies.

Uses Tracking Error method to evaluate of mutual funds against benchmark index

Post-split, the stock resumed its rally and touched another new high of 237 in Nov ‘10 (which was still well below the Jan ‘08 split-adjusted high of 308). The silver lining seems to be the resilience shown by the Nifty. Well, the valuations have become even more attractive as the stock price continues its correction from the Nov ‘10 top of 237 (adjusted for the 2:1 split in Oct ‘10). Nothing can be ruled out when the bears go on a rampage, but it seems highly unlikely at this stage.