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This mark could nudge 400Â mph (640Â km/h) in level flight and climb to an altitude of 33,000Â ft (10,000Â m) in under nine minutes.[139] As American fighters took over the long-range escorting of USAAF daylight bombing raids, the Griffon-engined Spitfires progressively took up the tactical air superiority role, and played a major role in intercepting V-1 flying bombs, while the Merlin-engined variants (mainly the Mk IX and the Packard-engined Mk XVI) were adapted to the fighter-bomber role.[140] Although the later Griffon-engined marks lost some of the favourable handling characteristics of their Merlin-powered predecessors, they could still outmanoeuvre their main German foes and other, later American and British-designed fighters.[129] The final version of the Spitfire, the Mk 24, first flew at South Marston on 13 April 1946. Several small manufacturers have produced replica Spitfires, either as complete aircraft, or as kits for self-building. Price, Alfred. “The Birth of a Thoroughbred.” Aeroplane, Volume 34, Number 3, No.

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Downloads (331 ) 1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.6 Download 1st Javascript Editor is advanced Javascript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! Use it to calculate the size of your webpages and report on the. 272. ^ “NACA Report on lateral control research, p. At the controls was Captain Joseph “Mutt” Summers, chief test pilot for Vickers, who is quoted as saying “Don’t touch anything” on landing.[15][nb 3] This eight-minute flight[13] came four months after the maiden flight of the contemporary Hurricane.[17] K5054 was fitted with a new propeller, and Summers flew the aircraft on 10 March 1936; during this flight the undercarriage was retracted for the first time.[18] After the fourth flight, a new engine was fitted, and Summers left the test-flying to his assistants, Jeffrey Quill and George Pickering.